Coffee plantations in Central Highlands, Vietnam


Headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Nedcoffee subsidiary is a leading specialist in coffee procurement and marketing. We have a strong presence in Asia and invest in local agricultural communities, which results in stronger ties, increased transparency and better practices throughout the value chain. Working together with global players in the coffee industry has paved the way for growth and enabled us to expand operations, implement research-led innovations in the agro-food industry and maximize our impact in the coffee sector.

Focused on coffee

Nedcoffee has good mix of expertise, experience and entrepreneurial vigor among a team of more than 350 people worldwide. We trade and control all the green coffee from our sourcing companies located in Vietnam, Indonesia and India. This structure enables our origination teams to maintain a clear focus on sourcing, processing and shipping.

Our factories at points of origin facilitate strong ties with the producer and provide a channel for close relations throughout the supply chain from tree to truck. Having such operations allows us to process coffee locally and cater to the needs of all of our clients, large and small. Moreover, our many long standing partnerships with exporting companies in coffee points of origin enable us to effectively and reliably source coffee to meet our clients' demands.

Tailored solutions

By combining our knowledge with sound fundamental analysis, we are able to support clients strategically with regard to coverage and risk management and also to offer tailor-made services such as ‘vendor managed inventory’ and ‘special blending’ solutions.

Nedcoffee has a solid reputation for the strength and dependability of its client relationships. We regard our clients as business partners and take pride in our agility to align with client needs and to search for and deliver customized solutions in coffee sourcing, processing and logistics.

Committed to quality

Nedcoffee is a committed supporter of sustainable production methods and transparency throughout the value chain. Our goal is to have full control over quality and traceability back to the initial source. We own factories in our main points of origin and our local sourcing teams are proactive in driving quality standards and creating new blends.

Looking forward

In the next five years we expect to grow our operations both in terms of volumes and presence in places of origin to cater to the diverging needs of our clients. We strive to be the most client focused supply chain manager in the green coffee market.