Ripe coffee beans on plant

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Sucden is a global leading coffee merchant. Through our subsidiary companies, Coffee America and Nedcoffee, we commercialize both Arabica and Robusta qualities to support worldwide clients ranging from multinational food and beverage chains to soluble coffee retailers and specialty coffee roasters.

Tailored solutions

The breadth and depth of our coverage of the global wholesale coffee markets give us extraordinary flexibility to support clients with individually tailored business solutions. We transact in both Arabica and Robusta qualities and provide access to all the in-demand conventional and certified coffees including 4C, UTZ, Fair Trade, CAFE Practices, Rainforest Alliance and Organic. We trade about 230,000 tons of coffee annually.

Coffee key facts

60 %

of the world’s coffee

comes from Brazil, Vietnam and Colombia.

70 %

of the world’s coffee

is consumed in the European Union, USA, Brazil, Japan and Canada.