Children at school in Africa

Corporate Responsibility

Social engagement

We sponsor programs and projects that enable us to make a distinct contribution to the community. We look to engage Sucden employees and leverage their expertise, to create opportunities for collaboration with our clients and other strategic partners and, most importantly, to solve problems rather than simply treat symptoms.

The Sucden Foundation

The activities of our foundation, la Fondation Sucres et Denrées, are focused on three priorities:

Nutrition and health

Programs and projects that address long-term solutions to hunger, increase access to health education and basic health care in developing and emerging countries, and improve youth nutrition and wellness.


Innovative programs that improve academic achievement, develop logic and thinking skills, promote leadership development and increase access to education for socio-economically disadvantaged children. We also support mutually beneficial partnerships with selected higher education institutions.


Projects that protect and improve accessibility to water resources, promote biodiversity conservation in agricultural areas, and educate children about conservation and proper sanitation.

The Ivory Coast

In 2015, the Foundation committed to a multiannual program to provide access to education for children in cocoa-growing communities, to sponsor gender equality efforts that help women establish more influence in their families and communities, to empower the populations, developing sustainable farming practices and also to help eliminate child labor. We work alongside experienced NGOs to implement these initiatives.



Sucden has committed financial support through to 2019 for the prevention and management of HIV/AIDS in West Africa. Our efforts are channeled through Sidaction, a French agency dedicated to the elimination of this deadly disease. Activities are implemented via local organizations in Ivory Coast, Cameroon and Togo with a goal of preventing the proliferation of HIV/AIDS, especially in pregnant women, and helping to distribute medical treatment to infected persons.

Child education

Sucden sponsors APFEE, a French association whose mission is to ensure that all children regardless of their socio-economic class, have access to education. APFEE implements its activities through the Coup de Pouce Clé reading and writing clubs for elementary school children and seeks to encourage the involvement of the students’ parents and educators.