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Corporate Responsibility

Our approach

At Sucden we recognize that our long-term success depends on the growth and sustainability of our business as a whole. Reflecting this, we commit to the responsible care of our employees, our clients, our suppliers and partners, the communities in which we operate and the environment that we share. In 2020, Sucden including all its diversified activities joined the UN Global Compact initiative.

Our commitment

Sucden aims to be a global leader in connecting agricultural supply and demand in a sustainable way and our commitment towards sustainable growth is based on five key action areas. These focus areas contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which are at the heart of the UN Global Compact initiative.

Business practices

The way we behave as a company in all of our activities around the world is of fundamental importance. We will conduct our business with integrity, accountability and responsibility.


How we interact with people defines us as a business. Our commitment is to treat people wherever we operate and in all walks of life with dignity and respect. Equally, we promise to provide our employees with a safe place to work.


Our main business is linked to soft commodities production, so the way we treat the world around us will inevitably affect our future. Therefore, we commit to reduce our environmental impact at constant scope and conserve natural resources.

Supply chain

Our supply chain impacts communities and households in the origins from which we source. We are protecting forests in the coffee and cocoa supply chains through innovative tree planting programs. We will seek to better understand our overall carbon footprint in this critical part of our business.


Our commitment is to invest in, and engage with, the communities with whom we interact. We will leverage our employee’s involvement and knowledge of local issues to impulse positive change and identify innovative solutions.


The 2019 Responsibility Report aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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